Terms of Business

1. Payment terms: All fees are payable according to payment terms agreed by each individual agreement.            Redwood Sounds & Event Planners (“RSEP”) undertakes to pay the Artist(s) within the agreed payment terms.
 If the Client does not keep to the payment terms, then RSEP retain the right to withdraw the Artist(s) without any  redress from the Client.

2. Other expenses: All travel, accommodation and technical expenses (if applicable) will need to be covered in    addition to the fee unless otherwise agreed.

3. Cancellation terms:

a) In the event of a cancellation then a Notice Of Cancellation should be issued in writing either by email or by facsimile transmission or by recorded delivery post. Any cancellation will only take effect on the day we receive written instructions.

b) If a booking is cancelled after the Artist(s) has confirmed acceptance of the engagement, the Client will be liable to pay RSEP a charge to compensate for any losses and expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation. Any cancellation will result in the loss of the deposit because the event has been made unavailable to other parties and if the cancellation is less than 31 days of the engagement date a cancellation charge will be levied at 100% of the total fee due.

4. Acceptance: An agreement takes effect when the artist(s) confirms acceptance of the engagement as detailed.

5. Damage: In the event of any damage to Artist(s) or equipment (by client or guests) will be reimbursed by the  Client.

6. Unforeseen Circumstances: RSEP is not liable for sickness, acts of god, war, weather, or any unforeseen  circumstances outside f our normal working practice that prevent event(s) happening.

7. Complaints: If you are unhappy about any services or Artist(s) provided by RSEP, then written notification    must be received within 5 working days (Monday – Friday) of the engagement date. RSEP will endeavour as far as  possible to re-negotiate any terms or supply alternative artist(s) where appropriate.

8. Variation in Terms of Business: Any changes to these Terms of Business must be notified in writing within
 5 working days of such variation being applied.

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